Introduction to NODE.JS

Node.JS is one of the ways used to run JavaScript on the server; it acts as an interface to Google Chromes V8 JavaScript runtime. If you have a good understanding of Java Script, learning Node.JS framework helps since using this you would be able to handle both the front end as well as the back end web development. It is generally considered to be tough task to learn for an average programmer but we offer the best of Node.JS training in Chandigarh, enabling you to learn this framework more easily and effectively.

As in the case of our various training modules, we provide the flexibility of time duration to learn Node.JS through our various programs spanning 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 moths. The Node.JS course in Chandigarh that we offer enables you to develop web application by making use of Node.JS framework. Learning this course helps you to us MongoDB in designing frameworks. The basics covered in the course include understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The various functions of JavaScript along with events and error handling also form of the basics. If you are opting for a Six week training program, you would be introduced to the concept of Node.JS and the concepts related to it. Mongo DB which enables to store the data as collection of documents rather than in tables as in RDBS, would be covered in the program duration of 3 months. Our Node.JS certification training Chandigarh provides a complete package of Node.JS, Mongo DB along with Express JS, which is a web application framework for Node.JS in case you are opting for the 6 month course.

Our Node JS Course Chandigarh offers the best of industry training which enables you to develop a very good conceptual understanding of the framework as well as the practical understanding of applying the same in a real time scenario, Offering Mongo DB and Express JS as part of the training course is the unique element of our Node.JS certification training Chandigarh location of Enliven skills.

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