In a world where people are addicted to smartphones and tablets, app development seems like a lucrative career. As a programmer, you can choose to work for companies, or can choose to develop your app and earn money from ads and subscriptions. While iOS apps are always in demand, the possibilities are phenomenal for Android. Now, if you want to learn app development, you have to first select the programming language, and there are many choices, of which Java is usually the preferred choice. If you check for institutes that offer Java training in Chandigarh, the expert counselors will tell you that it’s the right start. In this post, we take a look at Java and why it remains the preferred choice for Android development.

  1. The origin. For the uninitiated, Android was built using Java architecture, and that cannot be ignored. While the native development kit from Android does offer support for other languages like Python at the moment, it initially started with support for C++. Also, you cannot deny the fact that Java is super easy to learn at least for programmers and students who have some knowledge of basic programming.
  2. Java is versatile. There are no two opinions on that. It is often considered as the best ‘portable programming language’, because the codes and applications that have been developed in Java can be used on other systems and for different devices, which is a huge advantage.
  3. Java is more scalable. This is another aspect that designers swear by. Java works a flexible development platform, and the components are easily accessible. So, when you are designing applications, this gives enough flexibility to modify and work around with the features.
  4. Designing Android apps on Java is cost efficient. This is the precise reason why many businesses want to hire professionals who have required expertise and experience in Java and can create applications with a customized approach. When it comes to designing apps for enterprises, Java is always the first place, especially for small companies that are looking for budget-oriented solutions.
  5. Because learning Java comes in handy. For developers who are well-versed with Java and other programming languages, they like to use Java for designing apps, because they don’t have to learn something separately. It works in the long run, because Java itself is flexible and allows developers to experiment.

Not to forget, Java has incredible Open Source Support, and that cannot be ignored, as the best developers also require support at some point. With numerous development tools, Java ensures that developers have all they need to create apps with diverse features and with custom elements that clients require.

If you want to take up Java course and check for options like ethical hacking training in Chandigarh, there are some amazing institutions to consider. You can get all sorts of support and assistance for understanding the programming choices that can work best for your career, and Java is often considered to be a great point to start your career as a developer.

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