Web Designing in 2019- What’s New For Designers?

The rapid changes in trends in web design and web development technologies have a direct impact on the creation of websites on what is considered “good and bad.” Therefore, keeping up with these changes is imperative for every designer. Looking back on 2018’s top web design trends and over the years web design trends, you’ll see that many trends are cyclical and continuous, such as the prevailing minimalist and responsive designs. It, therefore, makes sense that there will be no decrease in their popularity in 2019.
And, with the degree of mobile internet penetration, designers are likely to focus on the aesthetics of the interface and the principles of mobile first.


mobile first in web designing

In 2018, Google launched mobile-first indexing based on prioritizing content and mobile website links. The initiative will be transferred to 2019, requiring web designers to prioritize the website mobile version.In addition, SEO is not the only factor that dictates web design priorities. Statistics show that mobile accounts for 50 percent of global website traffic. Good visual effects and search experience must also be considered in website design in 2019 as the mobile user base increases.


website speed

Three seconds is all users spend choosing to leave or stay on a website. There’s so much time in your design to convince a user to stay. Akamaii and Gomez.com research shows that in three seconds or less, 50 percent of users want a website to be loaded. In addition, due to Google’s announced Speed Update algorithm in July 2018, designers need to reduce page load time to improve their search engine rankings. For the consideration of designers, speed should, therefore, be a second major website design trend in 2019.

Personalized design

Personalized web design

The visual effect of the illustration on the user is 7 times better than that of ordinary photography, according to statistics. The illustration is appropriate for applying to the website’s homepage, new user guidance, interface waiting, progress page, etc. Companies like Slack and Dropbox started using custom illustrations in the second half of 2017 to convey brand features, making illustration design increasingly popular. This popularity has grown to 2018, and we expect illustration design to reach new heights in 2019 as a new web design trend.

CSS3 animation

Animation design

Animation’s rise over the past two years has been very fast. It predicated animation is one of the most powerful trends in web design in the Forbes web design trends in 2018 and will become highly popular among designers and users. Using CSS3 technology makes it more vivid and easier to use traditional web design. Because CSS3 animation in the field of UI is considered relatively new, there is more room for its development in the web design application. Therefore, it is logical to use and develop more CSS3 animation in the coming year.

Video background

Video background in web design

Creating a website with a dynamic video background is one of the best ways to catch the customer’s attention. It tends to be more attractive to move objects. Short videos are a more convenient way of providing more information compared to text or still images, allowing the user to quickly understand the features of the web page or product. Video helps increase page-by-page user time, which is good for SEO and conversion rates. The prioritization of video posts by Facebook is solid proof of the effectiveness of web development training in Chandigarh. Furthermore, as we live in an era of diversified information, the application of dynamic elements such as video backgrounds will increase gradually.


Minimalism is synonymous with simplicity, one of the classic web design trends. It often embodies the “less is more” principle for web designers as the first choice. The less elements of interface design, the better. With modern life so fast and dynamic, there is not enough time for people to process information, making redundancy a no-no. Good design allows users to digest information as quickly as possible. Using fewer elements, this is best achieved. Whether using white design, contrast, or clear typography, a well-designed website facilitates navigation and provides accurate information-making a good user experience possible. Well-designed CTA also makes conversions to higher pages.

simple website design

In recent years, the rapid development of reading devices — mobile devices, tablets, TVs, wearables, and desktops — has made designers aware that responsive design should be one of 2019’s mainstream web design trends. Mobile has become the first choice for responsive web design since Google began highlighting mobile-responsive websites in 2010. Google has also announced changes to its algorithm to prioritize mobile-first indexing, now that the number of mobile users has far exceeded that of desktop users. The goal of web designing training in Chandigarh is to encourage businesses to update their responsive web design and improve mobile users ‘ online experience.

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