Today, almost every website has an app, and it goes without saying that app development has a lucrative future. If you want to expand your career, you must look for android training in Chandigarh, and in this post, we will talk of the advantages of choosing Android for app development.

  1. Android is open source. Google has ensured that developers have no issues in learning, innovating and designing apps for this platform. Thanks to SDK architecture, you can get to the future of designing apps easily.
  2. Easy to test. Besides designing apps, Android also makes it easy to test apps. With SDK architecture, you can install and run apps on devices easily, and this allows developers to work on diverse projects easily.
  3. Android is super simple. If you opt for the Android Industrial Training Chandigarh, you will learn what it takes to design apps in no time. As long as you know Java, designing and launching apps is easy. You don’t have to bother about ‘jail breaking’ as with iOS.
  4. Android is popular. Some of the best phones run on Android, and therefore, it opens a bunch of platforms and options for developers. You can only expect to see more app launches in days to come.
  5. Android is more compatible. If you check for compatibility with hardware, Android is definitely better and is designed to ensure that more manufacturers can use it to launch new devices, and this also means more apps.
  6. Easy to learn. There is also no denying that Google Android app development is much easy to learn, and you can expect to start developing apps, soon after completing your course. Even simple apps have a lot of scope to find an audience.

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