Top 5 Resources to Learn Android App Development

According to a survey, the target of every app developer is to reach an annual salary of 66,000 USD. The skill, creativity and the exciting projects available in the industry is what entices most of the youngsters to become professional app developers. However, with the rise of online academic institutions, a lot of people have become professionals at their preferred fields. Programmers are no different as many companies recognize certain Android training institutes in Chandigarh and accept successful students. The following websites are the right resources for those who want to learn android app development:

  1. Udemy

Udemy has a variety of courses under its umbrella, and also provides teaching opportunities to experts. One can stay as aUdemy teacher for as long as they want. The convenience of the service is that the user can choose any course they want, and can also set up their favourite course to display their knowledge and command on a specific field. The teacher determines the cost of the course, which usually lies between 20 USD to 100 USD. Under the application development category, the user can find both basic and advanced courses, so one can choose to pick up right from where they want.

  1. Udacity

Udacity is another website which works as an online educational institution. Apart from having its own videos, Udacity has its particular learning management system, an integrated programming interface, and active forums and social groups. The android app development courses help even students without any programming background to start developing applications. After completing the course, the experience and skill level will be sufficient to become Google certified and the person can develop their own apps.

  1. edX

edX is a website which offers online academic courses to students all over the world. All kinds of courses are under their bracket, which makes them a trustworthy institution. However, what sets edX apart is the fact that they are a non-profit organization. The android app courses in this website concentrate on improving the basics of the student, and introducing them to the key principles of app development. Designing user interface, becoming familiar with the necessary tools,php training in Chandigarh, and learning all the processes involved in every stage is what the courses teach the students. The lessons are taught by Google app development experts, which assures technical knowledge and practical know-how.

  1. Simplilearn

Simplileran provides online training course of short duration. The website has more than 400 courses related to digital marketing, project management, programming, and information technology. The courses available on this website provide a good foundation to the students willing to start android app development and publishing their own app on the Google Play Store. The courses take examples of popular apps while teaching, to give a more hands-on experience to the students.

  1. Google developers training

Starting from baby steps, Google developers training helps budding programmers to learn skills so they can build breakthrough apps. The students get official certification from the tech giant, and the course caters to both amateurs and professionals, for teaching or reference.

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