Python is one of the easiest and fulfilling programming languages in technology. The language allows to create a good foundation for ever beginner, and is used in many companies for various purposes. Both web development training in Chandigarh and employment are granted thanks to skill in python.However, to learn its basic efficiently, follow the given steps:

1. Code everyday
As they say, practice makes us perfect. This is applicable in all spheres of our life, including programming. Grasping the basics is not possible unless one continuously practices them. With the right amount of practice, the person will reach a point from where they will never forget the key points of python, and the advanced skills can be tapped.

2. Take notes
This is a no brainer. Taking notes is essential in case of python training in Chandigarh, because in each step there will be numerous variables and denotations which one has to remember while progressing with the codes. For those who aim to become a full-time developer, writing is a key point of learning as many codes will have to be written on a whiteboard while working in an office.

3. Take breaks
Working hard is good, but the mind and body must be given due rest whenever necessary. Since the mind works a lot more than the body while programming, it is important to switch between learning and leisure activities to allow the brain to work on its full potential. While debugging an application, taking rest is absolutely necessary as it will help you to face every bug with a fresh attitude, rather than a tired one.

4. Don’t fear bugs
Bugs are a part of code and we must accept their role in making every program perfect. There is no reason to exaggerate while coming across them, and consider yourself as a bug bounty hunter. Always have a methodological approach, never shift from the basics, and keep the code organized to find your way through it seamlessly.

5. Socialize with fellow programmers
This step will help you up your game. By meeting other programmers, you will be able to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, and the developers might help you in facing them. There are numerous meetups and conferences conducted regarding programming, so finding a friend is not difficult. Coding might be a solitary activity, but the best happens when people work together in a group.

6. Teach others
The best way to teach yourself is to help an amateur understand a topic. This is very true when it comes to programming in python. There are numerous ways to teach others, like writing codes on a whiteboard, recording your coding videos, writing blogs to express a certain topic in a particular method, etc.

7. Pair program
This is a technique which involves two developers working on a single project. They work at a single workstation for completing the task and they continuously switch between being a “driver” and a “navigator”. It gives the chance to review one’s own code, and judge the other’s to learn how to make the project smaller and smarter.

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