As we know how important it is for us to follow the TRAFFIC RULES and knowing traffic rules and Laws are very helpful to keep ourselves and road safe. As new traffic rules are in discussion nowadays. It is witnessed that there is an alarming increase in morbidity, mortality and disability owing to road traffic accident which has become a major public health concern in India.But even today there are some people who are not afraid to violate it.Traffic rules have been made keeping our safety and security.So, to generate the awareness in students of CDCL, Enliven, NEO Beauty Academy and Aim&Achieve as jointly organized a session on Importance of traffic rules where student had a group discussion and presentation on why it is important to follow the rules of traffic made for public.Mandatory traffic signs ensure free movement of traffic on the roads and make motorists and pedestrians mindful of rules, regulations, and prohibitions while using the roads.Our Govt. Sales Manager Mr. Mohan LAL conducts an awareness seminar regarding traffic rules and regulations. He said that we should never drive our vehicles beyond prescribed speed limit, wear seat belts and helmets and most importantly, we should not take alcohol before driving our vehicles because with such negligence we do not only kill ourselves but also kill innocent people. We must follow the traffic rules in true sense, so that we could minimize the miss-happening occurs due to road accidents.


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